Hey there. My name is Alex.
I'm a Product Designer creating
awesome things at mytaxi.

I’m a product designer that enjoys being in the crucial steps of product development. Besides being passionate about it I'm a highly motivated team player that encourages others to think creatively, and identify, unfold and strengthen the potential of a new product.

Product design is not just about highlighting the visual components of a product, but gaining a deep understanding of the processes behind it. This creates a design that fully illustrates the many aspects and functions of a product. As an ambassador of design, collaborating with a team through each phase of product development, I help increase the awareness and value of design from start to finish, giving each product team the support they need to develop an innovative design.

People always say that I’m a cheerful, funny, honest and helpful person even if at times a bit too determined and detail oriented. I love drinking good beer with friends, relaxing outside or on my couch, cooking and eating good food while surfing the internet for inspiration or playing games on my Playstation. 

My journey isn’t over yet … for sure. I’m always curious and searching for new challenges to evolve and strengthen my social/design skills.

Feel free to say hello or simply link up with me:

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